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Another popular use for unsecured personal loans is debt consolidation, where you consolidate multiple loans or credit card debts into a single personal loan in order to manage your repayments more easily and save on interest costs. How do I compare unsecured personal loans?
Unsecured vs secured personal loans: What's' the difference?
While the interest rate on an unsecured personal loan is usually higher than a secured loan, it also offers a little more flexibility and a quicker and easier application and funding process, since you wont need to provide us with details of the asset youre using as security e.g.
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Redraw facility against your extra repayments 5. Loans from 2000, 3. Pre-approval valid for 90 days. You can apply for a Unsecured Personal Loan online, over the phone by calling 13 11 82 or by visiting your nearest branch. Going on a holiday or making home improvements?
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The unsecured creditors usually realize a smaller proportion of their claims than the secured creditors. In some legal systems, unsecured creditors who are also indebted to the insolvent debtor are able and, in some jurisdictions, required to set off the debts, so actually putting the unsecured creditor with a matured liability to the debtor in a pre-preferential position.
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An unsecured loan is likely to have a slightly higher interest rate. However, the application process for an unsecured loan is much faster and the loan itself is more flexible, as you wont be required to provide the lender with information about an asset to secure the loan itself.

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