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There is a standard called ITU-T30e formally ITU-T Recommendation T.30 Annex E 52 for faxing in color; however, it is not widely supported, so many of the color fax machines can only fax in color to machines from the same manufacturer.
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Internet faxing from a handheld device like a BlackBerry, Treo, PocketPC or Palm is also called mobile faxing. Just like with desktop Internet faxing, you'll' need three things to be able to fax from these personal digital assistants, or PDAs.:
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Youd also need a landline telephone connection and youd have to tell people to stay off the phone when youre sending faxes, just like in the old dial-up Internet days. Of course, if you were faxing a lot, you could pay for a a dedicated fax telephone line this might even be necessary if you were receiving a lot of faxes.
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you will have been faxing. he/she/it will have been faxing. we will have been faxing. you will have been faxing. they will have been faxing. Past Perfect Continuous. I had been faxing. you had been faxing. he/she/it had been faxing.

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