Instant Payday Loans

Looking for money in a hurry? Then apply for an instant loan today with PaydayUK

With our instant loans there really is no hanging around. Following a swift application process, you’ll receive a decision in seconds and could have the money in your bank account within an hour. It really is that simple.

Hassle-Free Instant Loans

As a leading payday loan website, PaydayUK will seek to provide you with the best available rate from our extensive pool of approved lenders. Your application will be processed instantly and funds transferred swiftly if successful. We aim to match all customers with the very best lenders, helping to ensure a better success rate as well as an improved deal for you.

An instant loan with PaydayUK really couldn’t be simpler. It’s all managed online, we won’t ask you uncomfortable questions and it’s extremely quick too. You can apply for any amount of cash between £50 and £1,250, with money available for any purpose. So whether you’ve got to buy a last minute gift for a special someone or have received an unexpected bill, an instant loan could provide the ideal solution.

Accessible Short-Term Finance

We aim to take all the hassle out of borrowing. Even if you’ve struggled to get a loan elsewhere, possibly due to a poor credit history, we can help. However, at PaydaUK we also work hard to ensure that all customers can afford their repayments. Therefore if you don’t meet the borrowing requirements, then unfortunately we won’t be able to offer you an instant loan.

So even if you have a CCJ pending or are only in part-time employment PaydayUK could help you. We won’t ask you to fax any forms and never demand any cash or cheques up front. As long as you are a resident in the UK, have a valid bank account and are in regular employment, you may be eligible for an instant loan.

If you’re looking to borrow up to £1,500 quickly and easily, make sure you apply for a instant loan from PaydayUK today.


Instant payday loans with Payday Loans Central have helped thousands of people in achieving the funds they are looking for. Any emergency cash requirement like car repair, unexpected travel, family occasion, medical bills, or utility bills payment can be provided with instant payday loans. You will have to wait no longer for instant payday loans if you apply at Instant Loans UK.

Instant payday loans are usually approved for amount £100-£500 for first time borrowers. However, the maximum approved at Instant Loans UK for instant payday loans is £1,500. The approved amount depends on fulfilling certain conditions. There are regular employment, presence of current checking account and minimum 18 years of age. In addition, your minimum monthly payment should be £1000. These are requirements are easy to fulfil and usually most of our applicants get easy approval.

All the transactions for instant payday loans take place electronically. The funds are directly transferred into your checking account. On the due date the funds are loan amount is withdrawn. Before withdrawal, you will receive intimation from Instant Loans UK for withdrawal. If you are unable to pay instant payday loans on the due date you can send a request for extension of loan term. Loan term is usually in keeping with your payday and can be anywhere between 7-18 days. Repayments terms and repayment method for instant payday loans are flexible at Instant Loans UK.

The amount is transferred into your bank account within 24 hrs of your applying. Fill in a small online application form for instant payday loans. Online method considerably reduces the processing time. You can instantly withdraw the amount and use it for any personal purpose immediately.

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