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192 As late as the 1950s, it was common for British New Zealanders to refer to themselves as British, such as when Prime Minister Keith Holyoake described Sir Edmund Hillary 's' successful ascent of Mount Everest as putting the" British race and New Zealand on top of the world.
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104 Unchallenged at sea, British dominance was later described as Pax Britannica British" Peace, a period of relative peace among the Great Powers 1815-1914 during which the British Empire became the global hegemon and adopted the role of global policeman.
Second rock fall shakes Yosemite as British victim is named US news The Guardian.
It came a day after another slab dropped from El Capitan, killing one British climber and injuring a second. The climber killed by Wednesdays rock fall has been named as Andrew Foster, 32, from Wales. National park authorities said on Thursday night that his wife was undergoing treatment at a nearby hospital.
Climber killed in massive rockfall on Yosemites El Capitan was British California The Guardian.
The Welsh holidaymaker was with his partner, a British woman, when more than 1,000, tonnes of rock fell on them from the face of the El Capitan monolith, the US National Park Service announced on Thursday. Huge rock fall leaves one dead on El Capitan in Yosemite national park.
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Look up British or british in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. British may refer to.: Peoples, culture, and language edit. British people, nationals or natives of the United Kingdom, British Overseas Territories, and Crown Dependencies. Britishness, the British identity and common culture.
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British comparative more British, superlative most British. Of the United Kingdom. Of the Commonwealth of Nations, or the British Empire. historical Of the ancient inhabitants of the southern part of Britain; Brythonic. historical Of the British Isles. Of British English.

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