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Employed Synonyms, Employed Antonyms Merriam-Webster Thesaurus.
Synonyms Antonyms of employed. Entry 1 of 2. involved in often constant activity. insisted that the children be employed in some useful activity, even during school vacations. Synonyms for employed. Words Related to employed. Near Antonyms for employed. Antonyms for employed.
Employ definition of employ by The Free Dictionary.
To put something to use or service: employed a pen to open the package; employed her skills in the new job. To devote time, for example to an activity or purpose: employed several months in learning Swahili. The state of being employed: in the employ of the city.
EMPLOYED meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
having a job working for a company or another person.: In April the number of employed people in the region dropped by 1900, to 637500. Part-time workers accounted for 29.3% of the employed population last year. Her husband is not currently employed.
Employ Definition of Employ by Merriam-Webster.
c 1: to use or engage the services of. 2: to provide with a job that pays wages or a salary. 2: to devote to or direct toward a particular activity or person employed all her energies to help the poor.

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