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Some prefer to use Britain as shorthand for Great Britain The British Cabinet Office 's' Government Digital Service style guide for use on recommends: Use" UK and United Kingdom in preference to Britain and British UK business, UK foreign policy, ambassador and high commissioner.
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When calling the UK from overseas, dial your international access code 00 from most of Europe, 011 from the US and Canada or from any mobile phone followed by the UK's' country code 44 and then the UK area code and subscriber number.
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News in-depth UK Budget. Grassroots Tories divided by big spending UK Budget. Fundamental differences emerge between activists in 'red' wall seats and those in traditional Conservative strongholds. Friday, 29 October, 2021. UK credibility on the line over Brexit disputes, French president warns.
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This" category could include Polish responses from the country specific question for Scotland which would have been outputted to Other White and then included under White for UK White Africans may also have been recorded under Other White and then included under White for UK."
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After the defeat of France in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars 1792-1815, the UK emerged as the principal naval and imperial power of the 19th century with London the largest city in the world from about 1830. 83 Unchallenged at sea, British dominance was later described as Pax Britannica British" Peace, a period of relative peace in Europe and the world 1815-1914.

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